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Arrshie Singh

Arrshie has a B. SC in Interior Design and has been designing and executing Interior Spaces for over 17 years. She specialises in Hospitality and Residential Projects.
She believes there is no limit to designing, she derives her inspiration from the personality of her clients, their aspirations and their desires drive her to create.
She dreams of everyone having beautiful homes. Nicely designed places inspire people to bring out their best. If homeowners are empowered with the skill of making their homes beautiful, then that will not only increase their productivity but also give them an ambience to bring out their creative best, in all areas of their lives.


Projects I've Worked On

AESTHOS is a company of mine which is an environmentally responsible Interior Design firm based in Mumbai, India, specialising in Infusing Fresh Ideas & Good Vibes

Every Space Count
Every Space Count

What You Learn

What is Interior Design?

Measurement plan

Interior Design Trends

How to Bring it all together in 3d - SketchUp

Psychology of Colours

Eco Friendly Materials


What Our Students Say

Thank u for the informative Course. Looking forward to Level II. The course makes you aware of trends in the market aesthetics, creativity, styles and how to combine them together.
Neena Cutler
Amazing Course Easy to understand for a fresher like me. Amazing tips. For a lay person like me. I came to know the difference of Interior design n decoration. Declutter activity is awesome. Facts of curtain I was not aware. Colours really makes our mood positive or negative and much more. Loved the course. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•
Shefali Dani
Job Consultant
It is a power packed workshop with a lot of knowledge on just about everything a newbie to interiors can gain from. The course is simply and clearly explained by Arrshie. Psychology of colours and most important the combination of colours and the percentage in which it should be used is a big take away from the course. The mood board ideas and small little details on styling different rooms help in basic planning to design your home /office. The doโ€™s and donโ€™ts โ€˜s of mixing and matching. Thank you Arrshie, this course taught me a lot and gave me confidence to execute my own salon interiors that has received accolades of compliments.
Nisha Ahuja
It was fun I really enjoyed it. I will share after making the changes! ๐Ÿ˜Š An overwhelming course full of valuable inputs and knowledge that will always help in life.
Sheila George